Dear Boss Lady, have you planned your future?


How do you want your future to look like?

Imagine you are a young boss lady who just started a business. They tell you that business is hard, but you decide to go all in and give it your 100%. You just managed to use your savings to start a line of beauty products . You manage to get all the licenses required by this Government to set up a shop. You also manage to get shelf space from major stores. You build a client base and the money starts coming in.

You are on a roll!

Businesswoman working in the office

You secure a meeting with investors interested in investing in your business. What can possibly go wrong now?
As young women, we are filled with dreams on how our future looks like. We plan our lives when it comes to jobs, school, businesses and even investments. Women have been known to be the best planners even at home. If anything can be in our control, we try to handle it.
However, I am yet to see more young women plan their lives around children. When is the best time to have children? Is it in your plan?
Children are a blessing, however, they can come between you and your plans if you did not have them in your plans.


As a boss lady, planning around children is one of the most important plans you will make for your dreams, your career goals, your business and basically the future you want as a woman. It ensures that you are able to plan your life with no surprises that may divert your from your journey, or slow it down. It also ensures that by the time you get a baby, you will have planned for it in terms of money and time.

Contraceptives basically help you in choosing

  • when you want to begin having children
  • how far apart you want your children to be
  • when you want to stop having children.
Advantages of taking on a contraceptive

Contraception empowers you
When you use contraceptives, it allows you to plan your lives and demand the education, training and work that will benefit you and your family.

More time to focus on what you love
Is you are trying to build a career or run a business, you will realise that if you have a contraceptive, you will focus more on doing exactly that.

Saving for your future
Once you plan your life, you decide when is the right time to have a baby. Once that is established, you will start saving towards that, so as not to be caught off guard.  A boss lady does not approach life with uncertainity. When you plan ahead, you will also learn the importance of smart saving and investments. A baby is no different.

Talk to your Doctor on the best contraceptive for you. A contraceptive that will give you the freedom to choose how long you want to wait till you get your first child or even how long you need to space between the first and the second child.

So talk to your doctor and have control over your life!


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