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This week we feature two Kenyan sisters, Faith Kimeu and Linda Kimeu, who are helping unfortunate girls through Kimmies Non Toxic’s hygiene program.

1.Tell us about your business

Our business deals with menstruation and sexual reproductive health. Kimmies Non Toxic has come up with Dial a Pad platform that allows women and girls to manage their periods in a holistic way while simultaneously creating access to affordable sexual reproductive health services.

The Dial a Pad app is published on Google Play Store and is basically divided into various segments. The first is the eshop,where you get to choose and buy sanitary napkins,cups or tampons after which you pay via M-Pesa, which is integrated in the app. Also there is an integral section on menstrual hygiene which is all about info and education on menstrual hygiene; how to dispose your pads,health risks of poor menstrual hygiene etc. The last bit is chats. This allows BOP (bottom of the pyramid) communities to access subsidized sexual reproductive health care. We also have developed the first smart pad dispenser in africa that is to be fitted in all public places and institutions

Dial a Pad app on Google Play

2.How did you raise funds to start?

With nothing but an idea,we took the risk and applied for to present on the Lions Den Show. We got in but failed to convince them to buy into our idea as we had no proof of concept. Later though, after our episode aired, people started calling and we made partnerships that made possible the development of our mobile app, dial a pad.

3.What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Our biggest achievement so far is that, through our dial a pad app, we have been able to tackle menstruation related challenges. It is a taboo topic in our African communities. We have done it in a holistic way thus normalizing and demystifying menstruation. Also, it was quite something when we won the SDG Challenge by the Dutch Embassy – NABC.

4.What do you now know that you wished you knew before you started?

We wish we knew the secret to success was failing,and failing faster to succeed sooner. Also, we wish someone told us to just start no matter how badly you start because a lot of time is wasted trying to figure out the perfect business plans.

5.Parting shot for young Kenyan women reading this?

Work on your dream or passion, it will bring kings to you. Be crazy in your thinking and ask God for something no man can give you.

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