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Why do we hate Mondays? I guess it’s because it reminds us of the negative aspects of work. Yes, you love what you do. But don’t deny that there are things that leave you seething. Nobody likes stubborn surbodinates, blind superiors, delays by suppliers and customers, or the worst, a slow business day. We empathize.

As if that’s not enough, you have all these people getting all up in your personal business. Some are barging you with information about the latest health diet fad. And how you need to watch your weight. So, you have to pretend to like eating food without meat or sugar. How?

Don’t get us wrong. We understand the importance of eating well for your health. We are very aware of how food affects your mood and energy. These tie to how productive you are physically and mentally. And productivity is an issue of how successful you will be in life. You really need to think about that everyday heavy lunch again.

But with all these health diet fads, who do you listen to? Most of them don’t influence your body that much. They just deny you the good foods. Why not go for the classic ideas? I follow them and I’m pretty healthy, haha. Eat everything in the food pyramid, watch your portions and lose weight by exercise. Gyms are cool but you can also be a little physically active in your day-to-day life. Don’t wait for a doctor to prescribe that.

One food, or drink, that is a classic and totally works is milk. Babies are enough proof that a milk diet is a health diet. Milk contains plenty of nutrients. One of them is calcium. Calcium drives break down of fat in the body – meaning plenty of dairy intake acts as a counter to gaining weight.

Long life milk

Increasing your consumption of milk isn’t that simple though, is it? Since milk goes bad too quickly you can’t really buy lots of it and keep away for other times. Also, money is always being pressed by another need. You won’t always afford to go buy milk every other day, apart from for your morning tea.

You will have these problems if you buy pasteurized milk – the one you buy now. You should instead buy long life milk. It is popular in Europe. As implied, long life milk lasts for a long time. It stays fresh for around 6 months without refrigeration. Some relationships don’t even get that far.

Imagine your win from buying long life milk. Milk is a frequently purchased product. This is a loophole or trap for going over your budget. The more rounds you have to make at the supermarket, the more likely you are to be tempted to buy things you had not planned for. If you could buy it in bulk as part of your monthly shopping (or 6-month shopping *wink*), it’s a set and forget thing.

And yes, long life milk is readily available in any of the supermarkets you occasion. It’s labelled ‘Long Life Milk’ or ‘UHT Milk’. UHT stands for Ultra High Temperature.

Long Life or UHT milk

You may have concerns. Milk doesn’t have that good a history in Kenya. They used to add water to the milk to sell more. What are they adding now to make it last for 6 months? Is it even healthy for children?

The milk is good. And nothing is put into it to make it last that long. It’s just processed a little more intensely and packaged differently. You heat milk to kill bacteria and so do milk processors. The difference is that long life milk processors expose it to high temperatures, of around 135 Degrees Celsius, for a few seconds. Due to improvements in heating technique, the bacteria die but the nutrients in the milk stay preserved.

Long life milk is then packed, by TetraPak, in a container with 6 layers. This way the milk cannot be contaminated in any way whatsoever. Well, not until you open it. Most of the packaging is paper, as is similar with juice you buy. Other material that make up the package are polythene, and an aluminum foil.

Small businesses use aluminum to package items like food. In this case, it prevents the milk from changing flavour or color by keeping oxygen and light away from it. The polythene is used as an adhesive and the moisture-proof glossy covering that identifies the manufacturer on those supermarket shelves.

It’s 99% a given that the long life milk you buy will have been packed by TetraPak material. Good packaging is central to long life milk and they assure that. TetraPak operates in 170 countries.


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