How you can enjoy the new Safaricom Home packages


You and I were begging for it. And Safaricom Home Fibre finally got the most reliable internet services provider, in Kenya, into the unlimited realm.

There are people who actually live outside the coverage area. But Safaricom Home will get there. Believe in incremental. Isn’t that how businesses grow? If you’re in on this, like us, you should take advantage of the new and improved packages. They are available immediately.

Safaricom Home Fibre will from now on include additional offers for mobile use. You will have high speed home internet plus mobile data, talk minutes and sms. They are aptly calling it ‘Internet Plus’.

You get to choose between 1 of 4 packages for your home. You can pick bronze, silver, gold or platinum. All of them are customized by services and price to suit what you feel you need – on monthly basis.

The Bronze Package will now give you 5mbps bandwidth, plus 2GB of mobile data and 100 on-net minutes. Silver Package will give you 10mbs bandwidth, plus 4GB  of mobile data and 200 on-net minutes.

If your choice is the Gold Package, you will receive 20mbps bandwidth, plus 4GB of mobile data and 200 on-net minutes. The Platinum Package will give you, unmatched, 40mbps bandwidth, plus 4GB of mobile data and 200 on-net minutes.

What about sms? Yes. Any package you pick, you get unlimited sms every month. With sms, nobody gets to say that they were not online to see your message.

Here’s a summary of the 4 Safaricom Home Fibre packages plus what they cost. Fair, no?

package bandwidth data mins Cost
Bronze 5mbps 2GB 100 sh.3000
Silver 10mbps 4GB 200 sh.4499
Gold 20mbps 4GB 200 sh.5999
Platinum 40mbps 4GB 200 sh.10999


If you have not registered for Safaricom Home Fibre yet or don’t know whether your residential area is covered, you can click here and jump to the bottom of the page.

You can enjoy this right now, if you are already subscribed to Safaricom Home Fibre services. Just follow the simple prompts:

  1. Dial *400#
  2. Select Internet Plus (4)
  3. Select Existing Account (2)
  4. Activate Subscription (1)
  5. Enter Option
  6. Confirm Details of Option
  7. Select Own or Other Number to receive data, minutes and unlimited small
  8. Confirm Payment
  9. Enter Mpesa PIN

You will receive messages confirming payment you have made and receipt of the additional Safaricom Home Fibre Internet Plus services. And if you want, you can always transfer your mobile data, minutes and sms to your family and friends.

Check for the data balance by the old fashioned way, dial *544#. You can also check for data plus sms and minutes by dialing *100# or *200#.

You can find out whether your residential area is covered by Safaricom Home Fibre by the map on the Safaricom Website.


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