Infographic: 5 unique marketing ideas for small businesses


How can your business win at marketing? We’ve said it before, your marketing ideas should not rely on replicating the outcome of what has been done before. You’re competing for attention.

This means that you should think like a movie producer. Nobody wants to watch the same plot again. So, a recycled marketing concept won’t have “that” factor. Familiarity kind of breeds contempt. Just ask anyone who has tried everything with their partner.

To prevent things from getting boring, you should try and be open to finding the next level (yeah, in relationships too). It will be more beneficial for you to invest in good ideas than live off the second servings of what was done before. And with a platform like the internet, small business owners have potentially no limit in reaching out to all sorts of customers. Marketing can also be combined with pricing techniques and ways to measure marketing benefits to boost effectiveness, for example.

How can we help? We can do a marketing campaign for you if you ask us nicely. Email us ( We can also give you a few clues about marketing ideas that will boost your business. Check out our infographic:

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