Mobile tech solutions for challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Kenya


Some of the many challenges that women entrepreneurs in Kenya face are being solved by mobile technology. Most of these tech solutions focus on rural areas. Why wouldn’t they? Women in rural areas go through more difficulty to access information or resources. Also, the majority of Kenyans live in rural areas. Nevertheless, these solutions also work for Kenyan women marginalized in other ways.

1.Mobile solution for accessing financial services

Women in Kenya will never have a problem getting great business ideas. But what most of them actually want are better means of accessing financial services. Today, in this country it is possible to access a variety of these services through a mobile phone. Money transfer? Payment? Credit?┬áBanking? Don’t worry, mobile money got you. Even Kenyan banks got attracted to this revolution and have launched their own mobile money platform.

2.Mobile solutions for market access

The most important question for an entrepreneur is market, isn’t it? With our country’s low urbanization rate and poor infrastructure, it becomes even harder for a business woman to connect to her market (s). This is why some Kenyan entrepreneurs thought it wise to offer a solution by leveraging the high mobile phone penetration in the country. One tool is M-Farm. It updates farmers on market prices, allows them to network with one another and connects them to buyers and suppliers. If you are in the business of offering services, you should consider using FiveSok.

3.Mobile solutions for resources

In 2014, the Government decided to offer its agricultural extension services through digital platforms. Women farmers no longer need to wait for an agent to schedule a trip to their farms. Agents now connect to you through videos, WhatsApp, phone applications, websites among other platforms. iKilimo is one of the websites being used for this. We have not been left behind. We share resources for women entrepreneurs in Kenya on a daily basis. Don’t memorize links from a newspaper when you can just click ’em ­čśë

4.Mobile solutions for information access

Knowledge is power. Women entrepreneurs in Kenya who complain about not knowing about the exhibition that is taking place or new regulations affecting their industry or new methods of operating their businesses would do well to subscribe to our email newsletter. In this era, you get all information at your fingertips. You can confirm with the 500,000 farmers in Kenya who use their phones to look after their cows. The app, iCow guides them on the optimal times to collect milk, how to store milk and informs them on the best dairy practices. Services like these are also available to women entrepreneurs engaged in other farming practices or other sectors.

Are there other challenges you can think of that can be solved using mobile technology?


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