Take part in the 2019 Enterpreneurship World Cup


You are invited to be part of the 2019 Enterpreneurship World Cup for your chance to win cash prize and expose your business to investment opportunities.

There is an Entrepreneurship World Cup? Yes, and it’s open to all kinds of businesses at all stages.

You could be running a non-profit or a for-profit venture that is only in the idea stage. It could be a business that is in its early or growth stage. You’re welcomed to take part by Misk Global Forum and Global Entrepreneurship Network, the forces behind this contest.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is a pitch competition for a chance at resources and mentorship. It is a year-long program that will happen through the following stages:

Accelerator 1 (Feb – May 2019)

Participants will take part in a series of education and virtual training programs. These will sharpen skills in industry knowledge, business acumen, creativity, problem solving, plus personal and team skills.

National prizes (May – June 2019)

100 impressive entrepreneurs from the participating countries will receive prizes. And it will be only 1 entrepreneur per country. You could be the Kenyan winner 😉

Accelerator 2 (July – Sept 2019)

The national winners will be prepared for the global finals. 15 entrepreneurs will be global finalists

Global prizes (November 2019)

Congrats for coming this far. The global finalists will enjoy a fully-funded trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to be crowned 2019 Entrepreneurship World Cup champions.

Still, there will be post-Entrepreneurship World Cup support for entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. You can sign up right now.


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