The 5 personalities every startup team needs


A startup is not the typical business model. During its infancy it focuses on growth. This model of ignoring revenue in the face of rising costs puts a lot of pressure on the founding team; meaning different key personalities are needed to keep the business alive.

These personalities bring their different strengths into the startup team. Much like the different types of employees a startup hires. HerBusiness has identified these 5 personalities.

Take a look at them and tell us, on the comments section, which of these match your persona.

1.Industry experience
Like it says in the sub-title this individual brings experience into the team. A startup can’t really afford to splurge on many experienced employees. So you can imagine just how valuable this member is to the team. She acts as a mentor from inside the business by guiding the startup away from fatal mistakes and offering advice on how to adapt to the realities of the industry.

2.Big-picture mind
This individual brings vision into the business. A big picture mentality is a must have in every business. Infact, every entrepreneur likes to believe they are visionaries. This member of the team is needed in drawing up the business strategy. She not only comes up with the long-term objectives but she also updates the team’s ideas on how to improve products or services, conduct marketing and make operations efficient; among other things.

3.Detail-oriented mind
This individual is an example of persistence to the rest of the team. While the big-picture thinker answers the “what”, the detail-oriented thinker deals with the “how.” She is the best in the team at getting her hands dirty. Because of her attention to detail, she is best placed to deal with the day to day aspects that actually keep the business alive. She’s probably not a superstar but the rest of the team knows her value.

4.Bubbly salesperson
This individual keeps the team motivated. You can read our tips on staying motivated to keep up with her. She has the high energy levels needed to always be enthusiastic about exhibitions (we also have tips on exhibitions), networking events and those intimidating pitches. She is probably a morning person too so we kinda hate her. Surrounded by this tornado of high energy is the fact that she is a great communicator.

This individual holds the entire thing together. Her leadership qualities shine through. An outsider will quickly observe how she directs the team and coordinates its activities. She also recruits more players into the team; that means more qualities to make the startup better.


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