Young and Emerging Leaders Project 2019 for East Africans


The Young and Emerging Leaders Project (YELP) is a fellowship program by LéO Africa Institute, looking to support youth in East Africa transform the region.

LéO Africa Institute’s Youth and Emerging Leaders Project has been going on for 2 years. It is open to young people aged between 20 and 30 years old from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi. The fellowship trains and imparts values of self-advancement, intergrity, social responsibility and socioeconomic transformation.

Besides the above, another objective is to build up an expanding network of Young and Emerging Leaders Project alumni. The alumni continuously support each other. One way they keep in touch is through LéO Africa Institute’s Annual Leaders Gathering.

What are the specific tools or methods used to empower young East Africans in this fellowship? One, critical reflection sessions happen plus conversations with field experts and peer to peer sharing. There’s more done in the 3 seminars required to complete the program. Each seminar lasts for 3 days.

The Young and Emerging Leaders Project 2019 takes place in Uganda, and is partly funded. Successful applicants will cater for their own transport to Kampala. From there, LéO Africa Institute will cover all costs associated with the fellowship like accommodation.

Every young individual is welcomed to apply. If there’s a requirement it’s that you should have a background or be involved in initiatives that directly impact lives of many people, in their communities. This can be through media, enterprise, innovation, activism, arts and more.

Deadline for application is 23rd November, 2018. Learn more about the Young and Emerging Leaders Project 2019 and apply on the official website.


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