Young Social Enterpreneurs program 2019 (over sh.1 million grant)


The Young Social Enterpreneurs (YSE) program aims to inspire, equip and enable youth from all over the world embark on their respective social innovation projects.

The Young Social Enterpreneurs program is by the Singapore International Foundation, which promotes global collaboration over projects. This is only one way its efforts are manifested. Youth from all over the world will be able to enhance their, respective, social enterprise ideas.

Successful applicants will get to attend a 4-day Young Social Enterpreneurs workshop, in Singapore, in March 2019. Over there, they will pitch for a chance to be shortlisted in the program proper. If selected, you will benefit from:

  • An ecosystem of like-minded, resourceful people
  • Mentorship and the expertise that comes with
  • Insight from overseas study visits organized by Singapore International Foundation
  • You will be eligible for grants of up to sh.1.46 million (20k Singapore Dollars)

The Singapore International Foundation Young Social Enterpreneurs program is open to everyone, everywhere aged between 18 and 30 years old. You must be committed and can apply individually or as a team – 3 members will join this program.

Your online application should include a business plan overview, group or individual photo, and a logo – if available. Supporting documents are welcomed but optional. Finally, you may be contacted to provide further clarification or to receive updates.

Deadline for application is 9th December, 2018. Check out the website and submit yours as soon as is possible.


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