Start a business

10 signs you are ready to start a business

The idea of being your own boss is appealing but you need to know that it requires a lot of hard work, especially for a first time entrepreneur, like knowing some of the things to consider before starting a business.

Here are 10 signs that show you might be ready to start your own business:

 1.You have some money available

While there are businesses you can start with very little capital, the fact remains that it takes time to be successful. If you have saved up some money or you have another way to access the money you need while your company grows, you are more than ready to start your own business.

 2.You must have a plan

Before you start a new business you must have a plan. It can be an elaborate or simple business plan- so long as you have a plan. This plan is what usually determines whether your business idea is viable or not.

3.You have a passion and belief for your new venture

All business owners will mention that passion for a new venture will drive your success. By itself it won’t be enough but it is a crucial element. Don’t just quit your job to start a business as a way out from work related frustrations. You need to have full belief in your product or service because you will face a lot of rejection and doubt along the way, and that belief will carry you on those days.

4.You have some experience in your field or industry

If you have some experience in the industry you are going into, you are a step ahead. If not, consider a side job to gain experience in your industry before committing full time.

5.You have a good market for your product or service

You need to do some market research to ensure that your product or service has a good market. Most of us fail in business because we go into it thinking we know the market trends.


 6.You can face the fear of failure

If you cannot face the fear of failure, you are not ready to start a new business.

 7.You can face the fear of success

If you are not ready to face the fear of success, you are not ready to start a new business. Success brings higher expectations, more work and more visibility. All those things can frighten you and you need to deal with it before it deals with you.

 8.You are prepared to take the risk of starting a business

In business, you take the risk of the possibility of making losses of on the flip side, having a successful business that what you had in mind. Being prepared for those risks and knowing how to handle each as per whatever outcome is a sure sign that you are ready for your own business.

 9.You are a learner

Starting a business is no mean feat. You will learn a lot of things about market trends, customers, buying habits and yourself. You must be willing and ready to learn about your industry and more.

10.You are good at managing your time

Running or operating a business takes self-discipline and if you already manage your time well on your own, you are much closer to being ready to start your own business.


 You can use this as a guideline to check whether you are ready to start your own business. Good luck!