1st African Woman to Own a Vodka Line

One phenomenal lady has broken the ceiling glass and has ventured into a business where only men have excelled .

Chanel Turner, is a  27-years-old  entrepreneur and the first African-American woman to start her own line of vodka. Named Fou-dre, which means “lightning” in French .

foudreChanel says ‘It just dawned on me, Vodka isn’t what it used to be and I wanted to change it.The burn, the harshness, the fact that people mask it to make fancy cocktails but not drink it for the product that it is’

Investing all that she had, Chanel tried out 80 different types of vodka, finding the right distilleries, , Turner was eventually satisfied with the Fou-dre taste .

She calls it ‘ A Vodka with flavour.

On being the first female to venture into the Vodka business, this is what she had to say ‘I’m just taking steps towards doing things that most people wouldn’t even dream about doing or don’t think that they can do. And just showing that you could be young and attain or aspire to be whatever you want and set goals for yourself and reach those goals. We’ve been doing Fou-dre for two years now and we’re a lot further than we thought we’d ever be. It’s exciting! ‘

We wish her all the best!