2019 Anzisha Prize
Photo: Anzisha Prize

2019 Anzisha Prize for young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs in Africa are invited to apply for the 2019 Anzisha Prize and gain from receiving seed funding, business and individual support.

2019 Anzisha Prize is the latest edition of an initiative that has been running since 2009. It rewards young entrepreneurs in Africa who have started businesses within their communities. Anzisha Prize is also for youth who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges.

20 finalists are picked for this award that really is a fellowship. It starts with a fully-funded trip to South Africa, to participate in a 2-week accelerator program in Johannesburg. This will come with the benefits of mentorship, consultation and potential for further investment from this learning and networking opportunity.

On top of this, there is seed funding of sh.10 million ($100k) available to be shared among the finalists. A grand winner takes sh.2.5 million ($25k).


As usual, 2019 Anzisha Prize will be for African nationals operating their businesses within the continent. All fields of business are eligible. And the entrepreneurs should be aged between 15 and 22 years old. This goes with Anzisha Prize’s theme of finding the youngest entrepreneurs.

Anzisha Prize

Applicants should promise to remain committed to their businesses even after the program. They should also have control over business strategy and operations, as founders or co-founders.

Anzisha Prize will be selecting ventures that are already established with demonstrated impact, like job creation. The businesses should also be scalable, i.e have potential to grow.

Check the official website and learn more about 2019 Anzisha Prize. You can then apply for it or nominate a young entrepreneur you feel deserves this.