Photo: Sankalp Forum

2019 Sankalp Africa Awards for social entrepreneurs

Are you a promising social entrepreneur? Do you want to tell the world about what you do? Apply and be recognized for the 2019 Sankalp Africa Awards.

2019 Sankalp Africa Awards will be part of the Sankalp Africa Summit, taking place in Nairobi in February 2019. The summit has been organized by Sankalp Forum, an Intellecap Initiative, which is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and policy makers. These stakeholders number over 11,000 globally.


Winners of the 2019 Sankalp Africa Awards will attend the Sankalp Africa Summit for free. They will also benefit from one-on-one investment readiness preparation. Since, this will be followed by matchmaking and pitching to impact investors. A portion of the investors will be part of Intellecap’s Impact Investment Network (I3N). Not to mention, involvement in this will serve as a valuable networking opportunity.


Would you be interested in this? Your business or project should have a clear for-profit model and potential to scale. You should also demonstrate proof of concept or have a beta version of the product running – those already generating income will be preferred.

The sectors for 2019 Sankalp Africa Awards are:

  • Agriculture
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • Clean Energy
  • Livelihood (Education, Water & Sanitation)

You should note that solutions in the stated areas should be targeted to either rural, low-income or, generally, disadvantaged communities.

2019 Sankalp Africa Awards are open to entrepreneurs looking for between sh.10 million and 100 million ($100k to $1million) in funding. Deadline for application is 7th December, 2018. Visit the official webpage to do so.