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4 loan products for women entrepreneurs by Kenya Women Microfinance Bank

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank goes by the slogan ‘Banking on Women’. They are a unique financial institution as they cater specifically to women. KWFT, as it’s acronymed, is a nation wide bank “partnering with women in their creation of wealth.”

They have a variety of loan products geared to the needs of women entrepreneurs from different settings. Check them out and identify the ideal one for your business ambitions.

Business Loans

This type of loan is three-pronged. There is a Biashara loan, Mwangaza loan and Mwamba loan. The latter two are optimized for financing medium and large scale businesses. Biashara loan, on the other hand, is primed for micro and small businesses. From your Mama Mbogas to the estate salons.


We already talked about scalability. If you wish for a loan product to nudge your business a bit further then this is it. The financing starts from Sh.3 million and offers long repayment periods of up to 10 years.

Asset Financing Loan

Assets directly affect the productivity of your business. These are the actual tools of producing your product or service. This loan product is relevant whether you have just realized an opportunity or have to cater for the upsurge of clientele. Kenya Women Finance Bank offers up to 100% financing in this fast processing loan.

Tujiunge Chama Account

Chama is one of those all too Kenyan things. Like having Ugali, Rice or Chapati accompany every meal. KWFT offers loans to the typical informal women groups and formal ones as well. It allows for professional management of the savings; the savings are safer and at the same time grows. The minimum opening and operating balances are also very friendly.