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4 most important hires for your new business

When your start your business, failure is only a trip off the tight rope so you trust nobody. But when your new business begins to see profit it is necessary to get helping hands to manage growth. There are employees who will be more important, at this stage, and we list them for you.

1.The Accountant

Many new business owners love their accountants. It’s not just because they are scared by numbers. Accountants take a great load of administrative duties off entrepreneurs. Afterall, the fun part of entrepreneurship is focusing on strategy. An accountant goes a long way in freeing you to focus on that. As finances get more complex, she will help you pass audits and deal with taxes amongst other things regarding financial health.

2.HR Professional

As the entrepreneur you have to deal with an employee’s bad day. You also have to adapt to the different types of employees. Your ability to do gets limited as your business grows. You need to bring in expertise to be able to handle the burgeoning headcount. A HR Professional is not only equipped to recruit and retain well but she will be a key part of maintaining the work culture you instituted from the start.


Not necessarily an employee but you need some place to get legal advice. You want to avoid legal mistakes, in the labyrinth of laws, which could bring down your business. You don’t want to compromise your piece of mind and deal with lawsuits or keep up with new legislation. Focus on proving your new business concept was right and let specialists deal with the special things.

4.Marketing professional

Yes you’re good. You have managed to sell your concept. To cast the net to a wider reach, though, you need someone who is better when it comes to marketing. She will know how to target customers and generate the brand public awareness you craved. A marketer will also pick up on customer feedback regarding your products hence allow you to better what you sell.

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