5 business duties you are allowed to delegate

Let’s talk about management. We too are unimpressed with Kenyans who believe that just because they have completed a Master’s Degree they deserve to manage. First, management is a talent. Second, these kinds of people are undermining relevance of academic qualification.

This step of your education is supposed to help you appreciate strategic thinking. It means you can see the bigger picture, not necessarily run a team. Forget about the fact that managers and other higher-ups get to call going to meetings all day, “work.” Smh. We may address that at another time.

With this education, an entrepreneur can upgrade from emphasizing consistency of operations to finding avenues for growth. Don’t listen to those people who say entrepreneurs don’t need a good education.

The challenge of upgrading is that you have to let go of your old roles. But what exactly should you delegate? Being hands-off about your own business is too much, and so is being a micromanager. We have 5 steps to help you find the middle ground:

Work routine

Small business owners like to insist everyone sees things as they do. It’s understandable. Your business is really close to heart. Part of moving up is being accommodative of perceptions different to yours. This is visible in work routine. You don’t need to schedule everyone’s day anymore. Instead, have a work culture based on meeting targets. You only have to spell out goals and wait for delivery. Isn’t that what being a boss is all about?


Kenya, we have to outgrow this idea that business finances have to be top secret. It’s limiting tax collection and financial services anyway.


You don’t need to struggle to maintain timely business records because you were busy with other concerns. Allow someone else, you trust, in your team to do that spreadsheet work. Your main responsibility should be making decisions from your business records.


Don’t hesitate to get expert help for your marketing efforts. This may be a member of your team or an outsider. Like us – 😉 What expertise will help you with is picking the right marketing channels, to ensure the right audience listens to your message. You will also benefit from professional execution that makes the money you commit to marketing worthwhile.

Production procedures

We know. You can’t stand a sink in quality of your products or services. Never change. One thing, train your team to work at your level rather than spending your limited time being a supervisor. If they are tweaking a few steps and customers do not complain then show trust. After all, it is those on the ground that really know where the shoe pinches. Your moment will come when reviewing your business processes.


Strategy is your whole thing, now. You decide the overall direction the business is to take. This does not mean that you are some supergirl who needs no help. You can always do with input from those around you. You can also trust these same people to implement your vision.

What business duty have you delegated this year? Let us know in the comments below.