starting a business

5 things to consider before starting a business

Starting a business is an exciting commitment. This notwithstanding, it’s a huge commitment that you don’t want to go wrong. There are 5 important things you want to consider before opening your business; especially if you are first time entrepreneur.

1.Business plan

This is summary of what your business entails. It also projects where you business intends to be a few years ahead. In a business plan, everything you jot down points to the overall goal of your business. You will clearly detail what it is that your business does, why it does it and how it does it. A proper business plan is essential before you open that business.

2.Research and training

Arguably as important as a business plan is your research. You need to conduct research to know what you are getting yourself into. Learn about the industry, competitors and the market catered for by that industry. Alongside research, you have to have (I love English) expertise on running a business in that particular industry. Some rely on their prior experience but if you don’t have this it’s recommended you take a class or two to smoothen the rough edges.


You need this tool, money, to implement your ideas. Besides knowing the means of realizing funding for your business, you should forecast the finance needs of your business once it goes online. This is done when drawing up the business plan. Be resourceful when raising cash to start your business.

4.Business structure

When starting a business you can’t escape this of course. This refers to the legal structure of your business. It primarily affects how the business is administered; something that leads to varying results. So factor in the differences among the many business structures, suiting your needs, before settling on one. Sounds a lot like dating, huh?


Basically, you want the location of your business premises to be the most optimal for your business operations. A wrong choice will paralyze even the best business idea. HerBusiness expounded on location of a business, read it before starting a business.