5 morning routines for Entrepreneurs

When you are working on your start up, you sometimes end up substituting the 8 – 5 time to ‘when I open my eyes to when I close my eyes’ . Some mornings still find you working on your start up and sometimes the days find you in bed.As entrepreneurs, we sometimes fail to have a good routine to plan the day ahead.

However, after going through the morning routines of successful entrepreneurs, i have come up with 5 things they all do in common.

Wake Up Early

Most entrepreneurs never let the sun rise while they are still in bed. Wake up at 5am. Don’t think of it as less hours of sleep but more hours to your day. This ensures you complete al your tasks for the day. Set the alarm 15 minutes early from your usual time then adjust till you make it a routine to wake up early.

Have good breakfast

It is important to eat a nutritious meal in the morning. A healthy breakfast provides energy and this gets your body and mind ready for the day. It is recommended that you have some carbohydrates that slowly break down and release energy as the day goes by.


You do not have to be a member at a gym to keep your body active. A 30 minute walk or a run around the estate is good. It clears your mind and energizes your body. Working-out release endorphins that help reduce stress, it also maximizes energy and keeps you all around healthy.

Set your priorities for the day.

What tasks do you need to complete? List them down according to priority, urgency or the ost challenging t least challenging. Takle thes. most challenging , hopefully the most rewarding tasks early in the morning itself. Finish other tasks that require lesser resources later in the day.This gives you clarity of vision.

Check and respond to emails

Make it a habit to respond to emails, social media messages and activities early in the morning. This frees your day and allows you to focus your time on the tasks set for the day.

What are some of the routines you do as an entrepreneur? Share with us.