When you turn 30

5 reasons you should start a business when you turn 30

Thirty is an ideal time to start a business. At this age you have a clearer motivation factor and making decisions is a lot easier and mature.

Younger adults have a special blend of advantages that make 30 the most strategic time to start a business.

Some of the other reasons why it is best to set up your own business when you turn 30 are:

  • Energy

A lot of work is required to run a business. It is known generally that the younger you are the more energetic, motivated and enthusiastic you are. Do not wait for the next decade to start a business, your energy declines each year.

  • It is easier to be a serial entrepreneur

Who is a serial entrepreneur? She is a person who owns more than one business. When you turn 30, you are young enough to start more businesses as you become experienced and as you broaden your perspective.

  • Quick adaptability

At 30, you have been exposed to rules and cultures of the professional world for a very short period, and you also have fewer attachments and commitment compared to someone at older.

This makes it easy for you to adapt to changes in technology since you are more nimble.

  • Mitigation of your potential losses

It is general knowledge that the younger you are, the more likely you are to be able to tolerate risks in business. Starting a business at thirty allows you to make up for losses made earlier on in business.

  • Better long term returns

You may want to start a business when you turn 30 because it allows you more time to learn and understand the business market. This will allow you more time and experience in the business and in return better long-term returns.