5 useful websites every farmer in Kenya needs to know

It is no secret that every industry is going digital as more and more people turn to the internet to satisfy their informational needs, as well as share experiences. Here are five useful websites every Kenyan farmer needs to know. The rest of you women entrepreneurs should bookmark these instead.


Providing information on planting and optimising output, m-farm.co.ke gives farmers access to detailed information on type of seeds, planting methods, harvesting, often customised to fit your specific location. Visit M-Farm


The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) provides research programmes in food crops, horticulture and industrial crops, livestock and range management. While promoting agricultural research, with the end goal being ensuring food security through environmental conservation and much more. Visit KARI


The official website of the ministry of agriculture, Kilimo provides information on basic crop handling, resources areas which ensure that the farmers in the different parts of the country have the necessary information about the climate of their areas and the products which can best adapt to the climate of these areas as well as providing farmers programs such as trainings and skill trading and networking of various stakeholders in the industry. Visit Kilimo

Access Agriculture

Access agriculture puts into play the benefits of peer to peer information in the agricultural industry. Through videos and blogs in local languages, this website has farmers as well as other stakeholders in the industry give information on their roles, their experiences, with the ultimate aim being to support sustainable agriculture in developing countries. Visit Access Agriculture


Information is key when planning out your agricultural year. Things like pricing of various commodities go a long way in informing your next step and sokopepe provides just that. With a constantly updated flow of information on things like price of produce per county, directory listing for various stakeholders and a centralized content hub for everything a farmer would need, sokopepe remains a favourite of mine due to the structured way of providing information and helping farmers make important decisions in their faming cycle. Visit sokopepe