Tabitha Karanja

6 lessons women entrepreneurs can draw from Tabitha Karanja

Tabitha Karanja is an entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of the first fully Kenyan beer brewer: Keroche Breweries. Every woman who is in an entrepreneur or aspires to become one can learn a lot from Tabitha Karanja.

1.Know your passion.

Tabitha Karanja had been a librarian with the government, later on she started a hardware business but all these did not give her satisfaction. It was until she ventured into brewery sector in the bid to provide cheaper and hygiene alcoholic drinks to low income earners in the country.

2.Do your research

Before deciding what sector to invest in, do some research and identify the niche in market. This will help you understand the challenges that you are likely to encounter.

3.Trust your instincts

When she was starting her firm, she trusted that despite all the challenges that lurked, she would emerge successful. Most women fear failure that they would rather go into an established market than start their own.


4.Be a hands on boss

Instead of just coming in and sitting in the office, be engaged in the production process once in a while. Understand the whole process of making the finished product from scratch. Though you will not use the machines, understand how they function even when you have specialists in them.

5.Trust your employees

They are the neck of your organization, if they are not appreciated and trusted the company will hit the rock bottom. Allow them to perform their tasks without breathing under their neck. Show them support and acknowledge their efforts.

6.Employ experts

When starting a business, you do not want to spend more money in training employees,it is wise to start with experts who have had experiences in the line of work.This will reduce the chance of failing in the initial stage.