6 signs you are an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is more of a skill than an innate talent. As we’ve said plenty of times, you learn on the job. Even so there are fundamentals that make you tick for this game. HerBusiness reveals them.

You are driven: I’m not talking about sitting on the back left of a car. That could be a sign you’ve made it big as an entrepreneur; or you’re just a politico. Anyway, if you are that kind of person that likes going the extra mile then I’ve got good news for you. You are cut out for entrepreneurship. Even more important; entrepreneurs are willing to put an effort to go that mile.

You put Buffalo hide to shame: To be an entrepreneur you need to have tough skin. You will need to make sacrifices; you will need to be patient and persistent. But it’s all for a good cause and it’s just part of your nature- you can’t help it.

You are optimistic: How are you going to get into a venture you don’t believe in? It’s this optimistic mindset that helps entrepreneurs see opportunities all the time. It’s not that their minds are superior but they simply believe most things will work out, profitably. A track record of being right follows this outlook soon enough.

You are Flexible: Change in plans is an entrepreneur’s course of action. They have to step up to the changes all the time to survive. If you have no problem choosing Pepsi when there’s no Coke, you’ve got something going.

You take charge: It’s not cool how that we have this “Great Man Syndrome.” Nevertheless, an entrepreneur just has to be a person who can take charge. If you can conceptualize and initiate the process of adding value then you can run a business. You will come across many crossroads and the burden of decision making will fall on you. Duh!

Record keeper: You don’t have to necessarily be that nerd who records every little detail. Let’s face it, that’s tedious. You can get away with the habit of keeping your records in blocks. This is especially true for keeping budgets. It shows that you maintain awareness and have discipline; ideals you’ll need to be an entrepreneur.

Any sign left out? Did we cut you off the list? Share your thoughts.