Financial health

6 signs your business is in good financial health

Each business requires consideration of financial health at all every moment of their existence. The need to analyze your business structure may arise when you keep borrowing. A businesses’ best financial health indicator is its bottom line.

There are other accurate measures that can be used to evaluate the financial ability of a business:

  • Liquidity

This is the amount of cash and easily convertible to cash assets a company owns. The current and quick ratios are the acid test of a business’ financial ability. Current liabilities are not supposed to exceed current assets.

  • Ability to spend less than you earn

Being able to track your money and knowing what it has been spent on allows you to remain in control. This way, you will ensure that you overcome debt. Try to keep your expenses below your revenues.

  • Having new clients and maintaining repeat customers

When your business has a steady flow of new clients while repeat customers still come to you, it shows that you have multiple options of revenue generation. New customers help insulate your business from buying patterns and changing attitudes.

  • Healthy profit margin

When you have a high profitability ratio, it shows that the return on the business investments and sales are good.

  • Low debt ratio

This measures how much your business owes versus how much it is worth. This ratio should be kept low for the business to keep a healthy.

  • Operation efficiency

The operating margin of a business is important to the business’ financial success. The operation cost should be lower in order to reduce the amount of money going out.

Analyzing if your business finances are being managed properly, it might be as easy as checking the profit and loss statements or it could be as complicated as taking into account every element of your business. You should read about accounting basics and financial ratios to know more.