6 types of employees and how to manage them

Being a leader isn’t easy. You are accountable for the actions of your subordinates and responsible for their productivity.

Hence, it is important, as a boss, to understand the types of employees you might encounter and how to get the most out of them. Here are the 6 classifications of possible employee personalities.

1. The Slacker

The slacker or the “lazy one” comes in many shapes and sizes, but their defining factor is always evident – they do not play their part. It is important to realize that the slacker is different from the under-performing employee. It’s not as if they don’t have the ability to pull their own weight; it’s just that they don’t want to.

You can easily determine if you have a slacker in your team. They will be someone who can be found anywhere except for his designated cubicle – the coffee machine, smoking area or someone else’s cubicle of course.


However, you must understand that catching the slacker red-handed can be pretty difficult as they are extremely well-versed in covering up their laziness.

How to manage them:

Once you manage to detect the slacker, you have to pay much more attention to him than the rest of your employees. That is mainly because he will try to wriggle his way out of a task; you need to be firm and, at times, uptight about getting the job done. Once the slacker realizes he has been exposed, he is bound to work harder and try to play his part.

On the other hand sometimes a slacker might just be bored or under challenged. Try to disrupt their typical workflow and get them out of their comfort zone. You might find out you don’t really have a slacker after all.
(This article was first published by Aventr)

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