6 ways to make easy money on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just some few days away, though it might not be a holiday, most people all over the world remember it as a day to share love. Gifts are the order of the day while some people may choose to enjoy dates. Valentine is not just for lovers, it a day for entrepreneurs to make a fortune.

Here are some ideas to make money on the 14th of February;

  • Party and event organizing.

Do you have a passion for event planning? Well, you could organize a party for lovers, provide biting and some fun events. You could set up a party for singles to find their matches or you could arrange one where lovers with small kids could enjoy a quiet time while their kids have fun. It’s all up to you! Seize the opportunity.

  • Greeting cards and gift wrapping

If you are good in graphic design, create beautiful Valentine’s Day cards. If you can impressively wrap gifts, go for it, it can make you some good cash on that day.

  • Photography

Moments are better remembered when captured with the camera.If you have a good eye and ability to capture “those” moments, use social media to share the photos and earn as you have fun.


  • Selling and Delivering flowers

This is one of the most common ideas for valentine; however, you can only succeed if you have flower arrangement skills. Make the most beautiful bouquet of flower and you can be sure they will all sell.

  • Chocolates

What is it with lovers and chocolate? The fact that chocolate shows how sweet and thoughtful your lover is, makes it a money making idea. You could combine flowers and chocolates together to capture more customers.

  • Cakes and Pastries

Who doesn’t love sweet cake? If you love to bake, take orders and impress your customers by giving them the best they could ever hope for. Make them in heart- shape especially; they will capture the hearts of lovers.