7 businesses you can start with only your laptop

There are plenty of opportunities out here for entrepreneurs to start businesses with just a laptop. The main cost will be for the internet connection, advertising and marketing of your business. Most of these businesses allow you to work from home with minimal operating expenses.

1.Web development

There are many success stories online of web development companies that started with only a laptop. Since it is such a competitive market, developing websites and apps, you will need to have an edge over your competitors by incorporating styles that show personality and have great customer service.


This might just be one of the most popular businesses around. One important thing, apart from having great writing skills, is that you need to have solid and relevant content to keep people coming back for more. There are many topics to choose from like fashion, food, health, parenting, entrepreneurship etc.


Grammar Nazis would find this job ideal. You can choose to edit content yourself or develop software that auto-edits content for you. The best thing about editing is that if you do it well, you are assured of more jobs being commissioned to you.


This is a person who makes a living from travelling, and yes it is a real profession. Such a business looks glamorous but sometimes travelling can be unnerving. You need to be extremely disciplined and not think that it is all about the “turn up”.


If you are not a writer interested blogging, this would be a good start for you. Amazon is one of the platforms available where you can upload your book for sale to online readers.

6.Tech startup

Technical support is very essential to a lot of people because not all of us are tech savvy. If tech is your thing, find a gap in the market; then find a way to fill that gap and monetize that opportunity.

7.Social media marketing

You can start with something less tasking like helping people set up their social media profiles- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. Then you can follow that up with creating suitable content for each client. There is a lot of material and tools online that you can read on and use for training, which will sharpen your skills and get the most out of social media.