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7 interesting things that made the news this week (23rd Mar – 29th Mar)

Didn’t have time to catch up with all of the week’s news stories? Relax, follow Herbusiness summary and commentary of the most interesting things that made the news headlines in Kenya.

Price control

Everyday we stray further from God. The Government is finalizing plans to control the prices of food as it does for fuel and loans. A draft regulation has been prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) to set pricing for “basic foods.” Some of the foods include maize, beans, rice and wheat. The Government wants to protect you from exploitation.

As a consumer you may feel it’s a good thing but as an entrepreneur you know it will lead to shortages – and more cartels. Who knows more about prices? You or some committee? I guess farmers won’t need this. Instead, they should be  pushing for more fair markets – like farmers being able to deliver to markets without the need for middlemen. But you know how this country is.

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program 2019

Don’t say you didn’t know about this annual inititative. We shared the call for application in 2019 too. Entrepreneurs in Africa get funding and mentorship support. This time, over 3,000 entrepreneurs were selected and more than 70 are from Kenya.

The program’s patron, Tony Elumelu said, “Our enterpreneurs are hungry to effect change. We know we are only scratching the surface. We see the depth of entrepreneurial talent that all of us…must harness to transform our economies and livelihoods.”

Age of Consent

So, 3 Court of Appeal judges let a sex offender, jailed for impregnating a teenager, go this week. Daniel Musinga, Rosslyn Nambuye and Patrick Kiage had issue with the Age of Consent. They believe it should be lowered from 18 to 16. Most countries have also set theirs at 18. Children Rights groups and others condemned this stance. One of their points was that risk of school-girl pregnancies would rise. We have no opinion over the matter.

Lions to go extinct

Your kids may not know of Lions in the wild. It’s serious. The Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) estimates that there are only 2,000 Lions left in the country. Yet, their numbers are reducing by 100 per year. Do the math. In only 20 years the Lion could be extinct in Kenya. For perspective, there were an estimated 1 million Lions roaming the country in the year 1900. Loss of habitat, caused by several issues, is the number one threat Lions in Kenya face.

Kenyan teacher wins sh.100 million

No, it’s not SportPesa. Peter Tabichi was awarded the Global Teacher Prize by Varkey Foundation. He won it over 9 other contestants from across the globe. Yes, yes we highlighted Peter Tabichi’s achievement before it was cool.

He is a high school teacher at a school in Nakuru County. Peter has been giving away 80% of his salary to help his students learn better. Let him inspire all of us to do good for the rest of this year.

Kenyan youth


They are fed up. In fact, a study by AfroBarometer revealed that as much as 35% of them have considered leaving this country. For good. I know, they should build this place instead. The nicer places didn’t fall from the sky. But they see job prospects, education and a chance for a better life not as attractive in our country. Kenya has the highest youth unemployment rate in East Africa.

New Business TV channel

We always insist that women in Kenya should also read about business. That’s where all the money comes from after all. We try to make the topic attractive on our blog (or what do you think?).

Anyway, now there is a 24-hour business news channel for your pleasure. It’s called Metropol TV.