7 interesting things that made the news this week (26th Jan – 1st Feb)

Didn’t have time to catch up with all of the week’s news stories? Relax, follow Herbusiness summary and commentary of the most interesting things that made the news headlines in Kenya.

Women Representative post to be scrapped?

Not if “Embrace Women Building Bridges Kenya” have anything to say about it. Remember them? They are women politicians version of the “handshake.” They’ve announced their intention to convene a meeting of women leaders, from all sectors. They will be gathered to draft proposals for a unified female voice on constitutional amendments. One thing they won’t tolerate is suggestions of eliminating the Women Rep. position as, MP, Gladys Wanga put it. “We will not support anything that seeks to reduce the positions of women.”

Military attire

Police have reiterated that Kenyans should not wear anything resembling military or police uniform. This is going to limit role playing big time. Police not only see it as a security concern because criminals “masquerade” as officers. They also claim the clothes “create confusion amongst members of the public.” And they are threatening all of us with arrest.

Government goes back on its word again

I know that’s what Governments do. But it’s embarrassing for major announcements to come from higher-ups then they give flimsy reasons to not go along with. What is their decision-making process? The latest was car-free days. Transport Ministry though it was a brilliant move to announce Wednesday and Saturday as car-free days in the Nairobi CBD. The move was to be piloted on a few streets. Two days letter a postponement was announced. This is because they need to vet the traders who will also be allowed in to sell their wares.

They probably want to nudge us public transport users into their BRT. Even if the Permanent Secretary, Peter Maringa says, “We are trying to turn out urban environment into social space; we want ownership of urban environments by human beings and not vehicles.”

Milk payment to be based on quality

This will be confirmed when new regulations are adopted in March, 2019. It will mean dairy farmers will no longer be paid based on just how much milk they deliver. Quality over quantity, works for love life too. Livestock Permanent Secretary, Harry Kimutai said, “Processors will be paying farmers based on quality as opposed to quantity to ensure that farmers get the most out of their venture and discourage milk adulteration.” Quality will be measured by butterfat per kilogram of milk. Other conditions will be zero traces of antibiotics and added water. The move will encourage milk processors to produce a greater variety of value added products – like ghee.


Have you noticed that us Kenyans love complaining? This week we turned our attention to the Sovereign Republic of Tanzania. We were telling them how to run their trade and foreign affairs. Kenyans were most displeased that their country isn’t retaliating against Tanzania’s protectionism antics. All of this was on Twitter using #fairTradeKE. Tanzania has been a barrier to any prospect of an East African Community that feels like one country, where people move and trade freely.

Here’s one Tweet


Okay, here’s another

NSE making moves

Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) has set a target of launching its derivatives market within the “first half of 2019.” Derivatives are financial products used to protect assets against risk of loss. They are also tools to maintain liquidity and speculate, yes, like in gambling. Launch has been beset by delays. But, NSE Derivatives Market Director, Terrence Adembesa confirmed that tests are complete and regulator approval is close. “We have placed a formal application for approval from the Capital Markets Authority.”

NSE will also be upgrading its trading systems. This will allow for roll out of more financial products. The one in use was set in 2006.

Boma Yangu

Will you own one of the Affordable Housing Scheme houses? The Big 4 Plan? The Government is promising you will. A portal called ‘Boma Yangu’ has been launched to help you sign up for one.

boma yangu

The steps are: you register online and then make your contributions towards a home ownership. The portal is being seen as a way to ensure that there will be no corruption in allocation of houses. It will be on one house per household basis.
Check out the portal.