7 interesting things that made the news this week (26th May – 1st June)

Didn’t have time to catch up with all of the week’s stories? Relax, follow HerBusiness commentary of the most interesting items that made the news headlines, every week.

Truecaller in food delivery partnership

Caller ID, Truecaller will work with Yum Kenya to improve last-mile food delivery for you. Yum Kenya offers online delivery services and works with 250 restaurants. You’ll be able to identify all customer care and logistics call by Yum and it’s partner restaurant in what is dubbed “Truecaller Priority.” You’ll be able to separate updates on your food delivery from spam harrasment. Truecaller receives a lot of harassment complaints from, more so, Kenyan women. Yum Kenya is set to roll out more of its service in Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret in 2018.

Finance Markets Conduct Bill 2018

A few weeks back, the Kenyan Government was being advised to reign in on the public wage bill. One of its planned courses of action was to retrench workers – who are not at fault, I must add. Yet, it now hopes to bring to life 4 bodies that will regulate financial services. CBK head, Patrick Njoroge is not impressed by fintech’s “predatory lending” and the use of Kenyans as “Guinea Pigs” to test new concepts. We can respect that. The Financial Markets Conduct Authority, Conduct Compensation Fund Board, Financial Sector Ombudsman and Financial Service Tribunal could soon be a thing if the bill by the Finance Ministry is passed into law. The CBK Governor also complained that the institution he heads will be neutered by this. He’s not wrong.

Nice work BAKE!

Unfortunately, the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) didn’t rightfully award us as the best business blog – Every General Election in Kenya is an argument against public votes for things ??

BAKE’s petition against the newly passed cybercrimes law was a success. BAKE managed to convince the High Court that the law infringed on freedom of opinion, of expression, of the media, of persons plus the rights to privacy, property and fair hearing. Therefore, 26 sections of the law were suspended as per their request. We wait to see the next turn in this.

NYS sh.9 billion loot summary

Your money got lost (okay, it was stolen but tomayto, tomahto you feel me…) and a bunch of people were arrested over it. This includes hotshots like Lilian Mbogo Omollo (Public Service Permanent Secretary) and Richard Ndubai (NYS Director). Junior employees involved in the scheme were also arrested. Charges include: defrauding the state and abuse of office. Sadly, some lady called Ann Wanjiku Ngirita and her family were made the face of the shit show. Nice diversionary tactics you got there guys, we’re impressed! 10 Commercial Banks have also been implicated but we’re waiting to see if the threat to go as far as “loss of license” comes to anything. We must mention that we don’t act surprised by corruption in Kenya.

Business opportunity?

A new report, Knight Frank Hotels Africa – 2018 revealed that Kenya is one of the continent’s hotel development hotspots. The report has info on major hotel chains, development and market performance. Impressively, Kenya (68) has more major chains than Nigeria (58) – the biggest economy in Africa. This is the time and place to say that the “tourism industry” as we know it is a sham. Nobody actually wants to see a bunch of animals and “culture”. Countries get visitors by how important they are in the global supply chain. It’s why “tourist” city Mombasa is getting less visitors than financial services city London. So, it’s nice the report attributes Kenya’s good prospects to “a growing number of business travellers.” You can check out the report here.

16th National Prayer Breakfast

Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka were at it trolling every Kenyan again. They met at Safari Park hotel this past week to pray for you. They also pushed for “reconciliation,” “unity” and “forgiveness.” Yes, these are the most important things not eradication of poverty. You’re not supposed to ask questions about how your business was disrupted in 2017, they already said sorry. What more do you want? See you at the voting line in 2022 to cast ballot at some run-down public school.


Madaraka Day

Mau Mau died for this. Half a Century since self-rule and our feudal lords still have the same surnames. We haven’t moved on. The festivities were held at newly built Kinoru stadium in Meru. It says a lot that the 1st event at a stadium that was supposed to host a continental tournament is some political proceeding. And yes, the poor pitch was trumpled upon. But a new tender may be issued to fix it, so who cares?

Happy Madaraka Day! Happy New Month!