7 interesting things that made the news this week (28th Apr – 4th May)

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Plan to ban plastic bottles

National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) had directed plastic bottles manufacturers to install collection points across Kenya otherwise they would effect a ban come end of April 2018. Great news. Sensibility won and this plan to ban plastic bottles has been ditched. NEMA already over-reached by banning plastic bags. Just manage garbage government and let Kenyans have nice things. Bans don’t work.

State of the Nation Address

This week, the President gave his first State of the Nation Address of his second term. He reiterated commitment to Devolution and revealed that allocation to counties will go even higher for 2018/2019. In 2017/2018 it was sh.327 billion and now it will rise to sh.372 billion. He also talked about the only thing he ever mentions nowadays, the big four plan. We understand legacy things. President, Uhuru Kenyatta, in his lengthy speech, also assured that the Government will recover more stolen public resources but we’re​ not impressed. We hope for something drastic.

The actual state of the nation

What’s wrong with people? Do you know what made the news this week? There was uproar on Twitter because somebody had put a billboard on Mombasa Road written entirely in Chinese.

No, it’s not illegal. People were just trippin’

Sh.65 million for 20 Kenyan startups

The Italian Agency for Development​ Co-operation entered a partnership with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI). Through this, 20 local startups will share sh.65.5 million to be handed out by, accelerator, E4development. The focus areas are of the big four plan – manufacturing, healthcare, affordable housing and food security.

Laptop…err tablet for children plan suffers setback

Some sh.1.5 billion meant for the free tablets program will be reallocated to other things. This is by supplementary budget estimates after the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) failed to meet Revenue collection targets. Don’t complain, everyone knows education of children is secondary priority. Do you see education in the big four plan? Former Education Principal Secretary, ole Kiyapi gave his input over the matter: “Some of us proposed that the money be used to build a computer laboratory per school, but they refused. On building modern classrooms, nobody would hear of it.”

Minimum wage raised

This labour day, the Kenyan Government raised minimum wage by 5% against inflation of 4.8%. Then things got Marxist (Karl Marx birthday is tomorrow, 5th May haha). Employees were pleased but employers were displeased. The Kenya Association of Manufacturers advised the Government to, instead, raise minimum taxable pay, reduce taxation on essential goods. Research on effects of raising minimum wage on whether employers employ people (or stop) is not conclusive.

Forgive me

What a reflective week. Uhuru Kenyatta came out seeking forgiveness if he said anything that hurt or wounded you (yes, you). William Ruto followed with similar sentiments and went further to say he has forgiven you, if you ever harmed or offended him. There’s more. Raila Odinga said that anyone who supports him should now feel free to buy products from the companies that were being boycotted – for the boycott is over.

We are at a loss on how to react so here’s a random song by Tracy Chapman: