A few reasons why you need to get medical cover

I know what you think. You feel like churches just don’t preach the right kind of gospel anymore. This is an excuse most of us use to stop attending. It’s not a problem. What is awful is that we stopped saying those little prayers, like before your meals. I think this change disconnected us from having gratitude for the ordinary things.

Take, for example, your health. I don’t think many of us reflect every once in a while about how okay we are. Like, you are healthy enough to go about your everyday. A hangover is just another funny regret for you. Things only stop being funny when you get real health setbacks. Have you ever thought such is the daily struggle for many of your fellow Kenyans? Think about it now.

Then do something about it. Yeah, you can go donate blood and do nice things for hospitalized kids. You should also do something about your own well-being. And the best thing to do is get medical cover. Here’s a few reasons why this is the best thing for you to do:

It’s a set and forget thing

Kind of. At least this is what I learnt about medical coverage from the Minet Teachers’ Medical Scheme. Once you have health insurance, you can replace medical emergency budget at the back of your mind. You’ll drive your all to healthy living, instead. This Minet health plan is open for all TSC teachers in active employment. With this plan, teachers register one-time easily by dialing *865# and keying in the TSC and ID numbers. Once the details are verified, only name, role and gender are needed to complete the process.

Married teachers are allowed to sign up their spouses and up to 4 children using marriage and birth certificate serial numbers.

It’s the cheaper alternative

Forget that sponsor noise of other women being spoilt with trolley shopping. The real expense we should all fear is a visit to the doctors. It’s more stressful if it’s your child. Can you imagine not being able to do something for your own child? Minet Teachers’ Medical Scheme is proof that coverage is cheaper than out-of-pocket. In fact, the lowest paid TSC teachers only contribute sh.11,448 annually to the scheme. It’s so flexible for whichever earning group and whatever personal financial plans.

It allows you to keep going

I don’t want you to get sick. But watching TV in the hospital waiting area, for your outpatient concern, is weirdly relaxing. It’s still highly inconvenient. One, because you pray for the doctor to have your time and, two, you may need to part with money at inappropriate times. Consultation, a diagnostics, preventive care and the mandatory purchase at the pharmacy are never cheap – as you think they should be. This makes me a little envious of teachers who enjoy coverage for more than 15 outpatient services, in the Minet Medical Scheme. They can even be directed to suitable healthcare facilities just by dialing *340#.

You’ll get special treatment

Being surprised by your partner sure feels special. What did he last do for you? Minet Teachers’ Medical Scheme gives maternity care; the full antenatal, delivery and postnatal package. TSC teachers registered with Minet also get coverage even with pre-existing conditions. I did not make that up. This is the kind of treatment you should expect from health insurance. Even those arranging funerals or finding means to journey on after grief get a hand from the Minet Medical Scheme.