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A selection of sectors women in Kenya should start a business in

Investing wisely helps guard your initial investment as well as grow the invested capital. In Kenya there are several highly profitable areas of investment.

Here are examples of the areas with a promising future for investors in Kenya


1.Real Estate
Land is a very scarce resource especially with the high population growth rate. There is no way you will go wrong in investing in property. Buy large portions of land and divide them into small portions and the hold them for at least a year before you start selling them. You could develop the land before selling or you could just sell the undeveloped land, either way the returns are great.

Tourism is a big sector in the Kenyan economy, it has been growing over time and the government has also provided a good environment for investors in this sector. You could capture the market by providing entertainment facilities or tour guide services.

ICT is the government’s plan for its economic recovery, call centers and internet cafes are good areas to invest in.

Kenya’s economy is highly dependent on agriculture. As an investor in the agriculture sector, you could do food processing or irrigation.

5.Courier services
If you can deliver goods to customers efficiently, fast and reliably, then you should talk to big companies and tell them of your abilities. You could deliver food, documents and equipment within a range of areas or nationwide.

Events happen almost every day, in these events refreshments and food is almost an essential thing for most of them. The people in catering have opportunities all over the country depending on their clients and they also have clients to offer their services every day.

In this sector, there are opportunities for either direct or joint venture. You could invest in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics in either domestic or export markets. Don’t be intimidated, there are Kenyan women breaking the glass ceiling in manufacturing.