Africa Business Fellowship

Africa Business Fellowship linking Africa and the United States

The Africa Business Fellowship is a partnership between Econet, African Leadership Network (ALN), and Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). The program will match young American business professionals with paid 6-month placements in African companies.

Its purpose is to strengthen relationships between the African and American business communities and provide future American business leaders with the hands-on experience they need to truly understand business in Africa.

The Africa Business Fellowship is an unparalleled opportunity for American professionals to gain invaluable insight and hands-on experience in African businesses. The ABF will develop high-potential American business professionals into leaders who have a sophisticated understanding of how business is done in Africa. In the long run, it will transform business relations between the United States and Africa.

 What they look for

  •  Innovative and driven professionals who have a deep passion for learning about business in Africa.
  • An MBA and/or extensive business experience.
  • Different  business backgrounds, such as consulting, finance, strategy, general management, marketing, and/or entrepreneurship.
  • People who demonstrate a genuine interest in African business.

As part of the program, fellows will receive a living stipend, housing, health insurance, assistance with visa applications, and additional support.

For more information, visit their website.