Africa Netpreneur Prize

Africa Netpreneur Prize 2019 (open to all entrepreneurs)

All entrepreneurs in Africa are invited to compete for a share of a sh.100 million grant awarded in 2019 through the Africa Netpreneur Prize.

The Africa Netpreneur Prize is a project by Jack Ma through his Jack Ma Foundation. Why can’t our wealthy folk be as philanthropic? Anyway, the goal of the project is to celebrate “African entrepreneur heroes.”

Watch this short video of Jack Ma speaking about his hope for entrepreneurs in Africa:

Jack Ma Foundation has gone further to partner with 4 organizations, capturing how continental the Africa Netpreneur Prize really is. These organizations have been tasked with promoting the Prize. They are: Nailab (Eastern Africa), Rise Up (North Africa), 22 on Sloane (Southern Africa) and Nine (West Africa).

Up to sh.1 billion ($10 million) has been committed to the Africa Netpreneur Prize for the next 10 years. The fund will be distributed among entrepreneurs on the continent as a grant. The fun part is that every entrepreneur in Africa (African national) is eligible for a share regardless of age, gender or sector of business.

This year, 10 finalists will be selected to take part in a pitch competition. They will compete for a share of sh.100 million ($1 million) in grant funding. The finalists will also benefit from the Netpreneur community’s expertise, experience and resources.

Deadline for application is 30th June, 2019. Visit the Official Website to learn more and apply. All the best.