Alexander Forbes rebrands to Zamara

Today saw Alexander Forbes East Africa Limited adopt a new corporate identity following the change of ownership that has resulted in Alexander Forbes Group of South Africa reducing its stake in the  company. provider.

The company, which has been the leading financial service since 1994 has rebranded to Zamara. The new brand name symbolises a celebration of who we are as Kenyans and a seal of maturity grounded on the Kenyan heritage.

Speaking at the launch which happened at the Intercontinental Hotel, Mr. Sandeep Raichura , the group CEO said that the company is now setting its eyes on pan african expansion.

“We are in the process of establishing a presence in Rwanda and Nigeria and will be looking at further opportunities in East, West and Southern Africa to expand our business model.:

In attendance was also the Mr. Adan Mohammed, the Cabinet Secretary  for Trade and Industrialization.  Mr. Mohammed noted that the average Kenyan invests 20% towards his pension and he stressed the need to have all employers register  their employees in to retirement benefit scheme, to enable more Kenyans live well into their retirement. He also noted that insurance penetration in Kenya was at 3% and there was need for more Kenyans to take up insurance packages.

Zamara Group was formed to create a financially secure and prosperous society. Their main products are;

  • Acturial services  which includes ,retirement arrangement and benefits consulting, investment consulting
  • Retirement fund administration
  • Employee benefits
  • Corporate Insurances
  • Personal finance solutions

They also have SME solutions for small  and medium enterprises to meet their insurance and employee benefits requirements. The work with you to structure relevant and specific solutions to small business players.

With the new corporate identity, the leadership will remain unchanged with Board Chairman Mr Michael Waweru, Group Chief Executive Sundeep Raichura and Executive Director James Olubayi.