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Angela Kamanzi: Herbusiness entrepreneur of the week

Angela says everything happens at the right time. She is the founder​ of Mkazi Magazine and our final entrepreneur-of-the-week in 2017.

Mkazi Magazine

1. Tell us a bit about your business

My name is Angela Kamanzi and my mission is to contribute to economic empowerment for African women through entrepreneurship. This, I humbly do through three platforms:

  1. MKAZI – The Enterprising African Woman. Our mission is to be a resource of information that inspire, motivate and empower the African woman entrepreneur. It’s a platform for celebrating African women achievers and a resource of homegrown solutions to Africa’s unique challenges.
  1. BizzRafiki – Your Friend in Biashara, a mentorship program through which I help resolute ladypreneurs to start or grow high income business ventures from their passion.
  1. Top Achievers Network – mission is to provide aspiring, budding and established entrepreneurs (especially women) with a strong network and platform for starting and growing world class businesses.
2. How did you raise funds to start?

I’ve been offering English to French translation services for a while. This is where I got the initial funding to launch Mkazi Magazine website, and this is where most of the funding for Mkazi Bizz Events, our print issue, has been coming from. Sometimes I also get funds from family and friends.

3. What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Tough question given that where I am is so far from where I want to be!

My biggest achievement so far has been to start Mkazi with minimal resources and grow it to the point where it is now a magazine with a regular readership.

4. What do you now know that you wished you knew before you started?

That because we live in a world where everything is defined by that which it’s not, when things are tough is always a sign that what we want exists and is in the process of being materialized. However I have no regrets. I’m enjoying the journey and I believe that everything happens at the right time.

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5. Parting shot for young Kenyan women reading this?

It’s never too early to get into business and to chase your passion. Get started NOW and don’t be afraid to fail often. It’s part of the game! Pursue relentlessly that foolish idea that no one else in your circles seems to understand. That’s a sign that you are onto something!

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