2018 Hult Prize Challenge

Apply for the 2018 Hult Prize Challenge (Sh.100 million grand prize)

Besides the money, if you are a successful applicant for the 2018 Hult Prize Challenge you will be hosted in a castle for 8 weeks come 2018.

The Hult Prize brings together the brightest college and university students who have ideas on solving the most pressing challenges that we face today. It is organized by The Hult Prize Foundation and is considered the most presitigious start-up event in the World.

The 2018 Hult Prize Challenge will host regional finals in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Toronto, Mexico City, Quito, Bogota, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Lagos, Tunis, Cairo and Nairobi. This almost reads like a list of the most important regional cities, what do you think?

Winning 50 startups from these regions will move onto the Hult Prize 8-week accelerator to be held in a Castle! Among them, 6 startups will be chosen to grace United Nations General Assembly and pitch for Sh.100 million. The Hult Prize is the official kick off to the UN Global Goals Week, held in September.

Focus Areas

The 2018 Hult Prize Challenge focuses on 6 areas affected by energy use. You have to search around for energy-driven technologies that are not realizing their potential and prove how you can realize this potential in one (or more, showoff) of the following areas:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Mobility
  3. Farming, food and agriculture
  4. Water collection, storage and transport
  5. Health and the human experience
  6. Education

This program is exclusively for college and university students, who will form teams of 3 or 4. You qualify as one if as at the time of your application submission you were not done with school.

Here’s how to qualify

Two become part of the top 50 you either win a regional final round, an in-country round or a wildcard round. This will be possible if The Hult Prize has organized an on-campus event at your University/College or have arranged for a Hult Prize National Program.

If not, you can still submit your bid into the general application online. All you’ll have to do is:

  1. Create a team of 3-4 students
  2. Select your city of competition
  3. Upload your CVs and a team statement of intent
  4. Check back regularly to see if you’ve been selected

The deadline for application will be 23rd December, 2017. Apply today.