Echoing Green Global Fellowship
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Apply for the Echoing Green Global Fellowship 2019

If you have a great idea or a promising new business and are in need of support, apply for the Echoing Green Global Fellowship and benefit.

Echoing Green Global Fellowship is just one initiative by, the organization, Echoing Green. The organization believes “talent is equally distributed but opportunities are not” Do you agree? Anyway, this is why it supports good ideas around the world by acceleration and investment.

This particular 2019 fellowship is for individuals with or realizing ideas to bring positive change to their respective communities. Is this you?

How you will benefit

The Echoing Green Global Fellowship 2019 will give a stipend of sh.8 million ($80,000) to be paid in 4 equal installments, over two years. Partnerships will receive a sh.9 million ($90,000) stipend. There will also be a health insurance and yearly professional development stipends.

Echoing Green will support fellows with leadership development, peer mentorship and targeted networking opportunities. Some of the ways these will be actualized are in exposure to Echoing Green’s network of 700 fellows, plus access to a portfolio manager to assist in development of the plan. There will also be access to technical expertise and, pro bono, partnerships to help grow project.

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To be part of Echoing Green Global Fellowship 2019, you must show that you have a passion to make a difference. You must also demonstrate capacity to forsee challenges or bounce back from them plus ability to lead your organization to its stated goals.

Applicants should also show that they can attract or mobilize resources. And not only that the issue their tackling is important but also that their approach to solving the problem is different. Echoing Green Global Fellowship 2019 will also require demonstration that the project has potential to make a big difference.

Further eligibility criteria
  • You should be over 18 years of age
  • You should be fluent in English
  • You should be able to commit full time (40-hr work week) for your idea
  • Your project should be in the startup-phase (2 years or less). Idea-phase projects will also be accepted
  • Your project can be for-profit, non-profit or hybrid
  • You can apply solo or as a partnership

Deadline to apply for this Echoing Green Global Fellowship is 30th October, 2019. Submission will only be accepted through the official website. Visit the same to learn more about this fellowship. Good luck.