Thought For Food Ambassador
Photo: Thought For Food

APPLY: Thought For Food Ambassador Program 2019

The 2019 Thought For Food Ambassador Program is your chance to join a community of change-makers dedicated to solving global agriculture challenges.

Thought For Food Ambassador Program is for entrepreneurs, students, etc. It is an initiative of Thought For Food (TFF) Foundation, which works towards new solutions to global food and agriculture challenges. This program will enable individuals, like you, to become local leaders towards the same goal.

TFF is looking to grow beyond 100 cities and its 15,000-member community. If picked as a local leader, you will be involved in organizing meetups and events to raise awareness. You will also get to see the opportunities for innovation in the food and agriculture space. Thought For Food Ambassador Program will enable your work with exclusive resources and trainings.

To your benefit, you will develop your entrepreneurial skills. You will expand your network and create impact up to a global level.

Deadline for application is 3rd April, 2019. You should get started immediately. Apply here.