Africa Women's Development Fund

Apply today for the African Women’s Development Fund grant

The African Women’s Development Fund is a foundation that supports women organizations working to empower the African woman, and promoting realization of her rights.

In its 5-year strategic plan (2017-2021), the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) intends to put emphasis on the following areas; as far as women are concern:

  1. Body and Health Rights
  2. Economic Security and Justice
  3. Leadership, Participation and Peace

The activities of women organizations in Africa will be important in achieving objectives in the aforementioned areas. This is why AWDF is presenting the opportunity of a grant.

African Women’s Development Fund emphasizes programs that empower women with skills, information, sustainable livelihoods, opportunity to fulfill their potential and capacity to make transforming choices.


The grant is available to both programs concern with the 3 thematic areas and to build capacity of the women organizations.

  • The organization must be women led (majority women staff and board)
  • Demonstration of commitment to support women as put in the vision/mission statement
  • Registered in an African country, with proof of legal existence – can operate at local, national and regional level
  • Organization must have been in existence for at least 3 years
  • There must be basic organization structure in place – e.g; constitution, strategic plan, financial records
  • Demonstration of capacity to manage funds and account for it in a transparent manner
  • Clear plan on evaluation of progress and sustainability of project
  • 1st time applicants and previously unsuccessful applicants (over the last 3 years) must send a reference letter and name plus contact of an additional referee

Things AWDF will not issue a grant to/for – political parties, religious institutions, government bodies, for-profit organizations, scholarships and fellowships for academic studies, construction or purchase of land and building.

The size of the African Women’s Development Fund grant varies per call. For proposals above sh.2 million ($20,000), an audit report by a reputable audit firm will have to be presented. Another thing, consideration will only be made for grant proposals of less than 50% of the annual income of the organization as shown by their latest annual financial statements.

The good news is that there are no deadlines for applications. Although grants are awarded in 2 cycles, Q1 and Q4. Visit the official webpage to apply.