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Apply for Vital Voices Grow Fellowship accelerator program

Who: Vital Voices

What: Vital Voices Grow Fellowship

Where: Global & Regional

When: 2016/2017

Apply for Vital Voices Fellowship. The one year accelerator program is open for small to medium sized business owned by women.

The 2016 Vital Voices Fellowship program application deadline is almost upon us. The accelerator program, VV Grow Fellowship, is open to women business owners across the globe.

Small to medium women business owners from Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa are eligible to apply. The program equips the entrepreneurs with customized business skill training, technical assistance, leadership development and access to networks. There is also a post-fellowship follow-up.

Training is over two modes; global virtual learning and regional in-person training. Global training takes the duration of between 4-6 months. The fellows are involved in webinars, assignments, online courses, assessments and one-on-one calls with peers, Vital Voices staff and trainers.

In-person training involves a 4 day gathering in one country of the region. Vital Voices Fellowship imparts more skills to the fellows in a training workshop.


Women who have owned and operated a business for at least 3 years are eligible to apply. They should also employ a minimum of 3 full-time employs and realize annual revenues of atleast $40000 (Sh.408000).


You can apply here. The deadline for application is on 31st January, 2016. Applicants will be notified on whether they’ve been selected or not in May 2016.