Bad bosses

Are women bad bosses?

Being a boss can only be described as a tough and often pain staking job. For years, managerial positions have been dominated by male figures across the board raising the all so important question. Are women genuinely bad bosses? or is this the result of a highly evolved patriarchal society, and with the male domination being ill informed?

Well, this is one of these questions which when posed already creates a fracture. This is because this question is based on the assumption that men and women are the same. Biologically speaking they are not. Being a boss is pegged on very many factors many of which are alternately existent in both genders.

The “Queen bee” was a term coined to describe a woman who has worked her way up to the top in a male-dominated organisation, quite often by behaving how a man would behave. This however is not a blanket statement for all female bosses.

We live in an era where skill and smarts take precedence over every other factor, be it age, gender or sexuality. As there is a queen bee, there is a male equivalent of a queen bee. Fighting the same unnecessary wars at the workplace, personal grudges etc. Long story short, being a bad boss is not a gender issue. Both genders have bad bosses, and dare I say, often in equal measure.

The iciness of female bosses in the past has largely morphed into a “good mother”. Nurturing and always taking steps to know each person personally as well as wearing their hearts on their sleeve; letting known their principles as well as their favourite place for a pepper steak. While this does pose a few risks; for instance, blurring the line between boss and friend for both male and female bosses, it still proves to be a better approach to managing people and enhancing productivity.

So, to answer the question, are women bad bosses; no, bad bosses are bad bosses.