Why you should be a Chase Woman today

Chase Bank Kenya is creating a “Chase Woman” experience for those who bank with them. They have tailored products for individual women, students, women running their own businesses and also women investment groups also known as ‘chamas’ groups.

Types of Accounts

Chase Woman Elite for high net worth women who requires banking solutions that are discerning yet flexible with net income of Ksh 350,000 and above.

Chase Woman Aspire for the woman who is climbing the professional ladder or running a business who needs banking solutions that are responsive to her evolving needs with a net income of Ksh 15,000 – 69,999.

Chase Woman Jivunie This account is for every woman who aims to build herself. There is no monthly ledger fee for this account.

Chase Women SME is a current account designed for the business woman. It also takes care of both your lifestyle and business needs

Chase Woman Instant is for ladies who wish to invest their money for a return. To earn an interest, your account needs to have at least Ksh2,000

Chase Wezeka is the chama account for women that offers competitive interest rates for individuals and the group..

Some of the benefits depending on the account:

  • Free insurance benefits : Personal accident cover up to Ksh 100,000, domestic protection cover for household items upto 250,000, domestic servants, compensation for lost valuables, AA Road rescue, AAR emergency medical ambulance service
  • Capacity Building that include financial advisory services and financial education seminars
  • Access to markets by hosting networking events for members like golf tournaments and cocktails, Chase Women business trips as well as an online resource centre
  • Access to Finance through personal loans, mortgages, salary advance, kitchen financing and auto loans.
  • Other services Free savings account, Free ATM transactions, free e-statements, free online banking access, discount at selected shops

Source: Chase Bank Kenya