Art Noise Travel Residency Program 2018

Art Noise Travel Residency Program 2018 for independent creatives

Art Noise Travel Residency Program 2018 is recruiting independent creatives from Africa and beyond to take part in a 3-month tour of different African countries.

The program is open to African, black-descent and non-Africans interested in contemporary and ancient African arts and culture. Successful applicants will travel to over 3 African countries in 2018.

What is Art Noise? Art Noise is a platform to promote creation, enjoyment and appreciation of creations by independent African creatives through events, sales and merchandising opportunities.

The Art Noise Travel Residency Program 2018 has been purposed for independent visual creatives, designers and cultural studies students. Students at all level of education are invited to apply as long as they are within the age parenthesis, 18 to 35 years.


One must also be able to speak one (or all, hey!) of English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

It’s an opportunity for interested students to gain educational and work experience. Art Noise will cover all costs, for the selected students, towards the program (allowance, travel, insurance, accommodation, etc.)

Selection for the Art Noise Travel Residency Program 2018 will be based on:

  • Artistic ambition
  • Innovation
  • Social impact
  • Uniqueness

Are you interested? Cool, Application deadline is 11th May, 2018. Apply here

You can also visit the Art Noise Official Website to learn more about what they do.