Ashoka Young Changemakers

Ashoka Young Changemakers in East Africa program (KCSE graduates)

How do you keep a recent KCSE graduate busy as they wait to, perhaps, enrol in a tertiary institution? Here’s something, the Ashoka Young Changemakers program.

Ashoka is a global organization with a mission to support social entrepreneurship and changemaker activity. In this continent, East Africa is one of the 4 regional areas with an Ashoka office (in Nairobi). And this call is for us.

Young people, aged 20 years or less, from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and South Sudan are welcomed to apply. You may be one. You more likely know one. Tell them to apply for this, or nominate them, if they are already demonstrating their intention to make impact by solving problems in their respective communities.


Ashoka Young Changemakers program will be a platform for them to share their changemaking journey. And even come up with more ideas to push others to have similar impact. In return, the successful applicants will be exposed to Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs network. They will also access resources in forms like; mentorship, fundraising support and media partnerships.

Deadline to apply for the Ashoka Young Changemakers program is 28th February, 2018. Visit the application webpage to do so and learn more.