Idea to business masterclass

Attend IDEA TO BUSINESS Masterclass by Mideva Labs

Mideva Labs is a human-centers design agency dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs, startups, businesses, companies and organizations build better experiences, processes, programs and products.

They bring together local collaborators such as industry experts, innovators, thinkers, facilitators, business leaders, entrepreneurs and dreamers to design solutions to the biggest local and global challenges.

Mideva labs help individuals and organizations bring their ideas to life within the shortest time and with minimum cost. They have a skilled and diverse team of engineers, designers, marketers, business, sales, researchers and analysts that help validate and build minimum viable product to be taken to the market.

They have organized “FROM IDEA TO BUSINESS Masterclass”, starting from 1st to 30th March, 2017. The classes will run from 5:30-8:00 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at EASM College 4th floor ANSH plaza next to BAZAAR, Biashara Street.

This will include hand-on entrepreneurship training workshop sessions with the goal to help you solidify and test your business idea with the end goal of launching your business. The workshop is targeting teams or individuals who just have an idea or have started working on an idea.

The IDEA TO BUSINESS Masterclass covers workshops from how to come up with ideas, to solidify your ideas into investor ready businesses. Those who attend will be able to craft a value proposition, build a business model, create a final model, understand their target market and create an investor and sales pitch for their customers. You will also learn about branding, team formation and financing.

The workshop will focus on Idea creation and validation, prototyping and design, startup team dynamics, branding and communication as well as pitching and investment.

To apply for the startup masterclass, visit the official website and register before the 24th February, 2017.The cost for the 1 month workshop is only Ksh.8,000 per individual.