Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

Attend Crowdfunding on the Blockchain event (SME financing)

If you have been looking for another way to finance your business, you should definitely book your spot for Crowdfunding on the Blockchain event. Entry is free.

Crowdfunding on the Blockchain has been organized by æternity Africa, a software company. You will see how emerging technology, Blockchain in this case, is an alternative financing option for small businesses – just like the one you run.

We once spoke to a high-ranking bank representative, and it was clear that Kenyan banks will never back down on their stringent requirements to fund small businesses. This means that if there are no viable alternatives, our enterprises will remain underfunded. Planning for smooth operations, product development and growth will always be slowed down by money hiccups.

Luckily, æternity Africa is stepping in with an ICO Launchpad platform that will enable small business owners raise funds through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Does it sound similar to IPO? That’s because there are some similarities, like raising money. ICO utilizes token transactions to crowdfund for businesses.

You can learn exactly how this works by attending the Crowdfunding on the Blockchain event by æternity Africa. Not only will there be a demonstration of how it works, but also panel discussion on matters what blockchain means for your business.


There will also be snacks. Are you in now? Free your Saturday, 24th November, and be at The Mint Hub in Westlands from 9am to 12 noon – Western Heights, 11th floor. Entry is free, space is limited. Register Now!