Barclays ReadyToWork program to equip Kenyan youth with business and job skills

Since 2002, there has been an increase in the number of tertiary institutions in Kenya. But that increase, in Universities and Colleges, has been faster than absorption of graduates into the job market. A Corporate Staffing Services survey reveals that only half of the 50,000 Kenyan graduates end up getting jobs. Can you absorb that? After 16 years of school, your odds of getting a job are reduced to a coin flip.

With that in mind, Barclays Bank of Kenya launched the ReadyToWork program. The initiative will not only refine your skills for the job market but it will also leave you with the fundamental skills to run a successful formal business. Here are some suggestions on how you will raise money for the business.

The ReadyToWork program was successfully piloted in South Africa. It is a free online platform to help you upskill your professional skills. And it is not only open to graduates (those between 18 to 24 years), anyone who sees the need to improve themselves is free to register.

How to register

I’ll repeat myself, registration is free. You can sign up using one of your Facebook, Twitter and Email accounts. It is as quick as opening any online account.

Once registered, there are four certificate courses to choose from:

  • people skills to help you develop your communication skills
  • work skills to teach you how to stay in and pursue opportunities
  • money skills for you to better understand saving, credit and financial planning
  • entrepreneurial skills to learn how to setup a business

It doesn’t just end there, ReadyToWork also has a Career Guidance tool that fits your interests and skills to the right career. Without the right career, you end up unsatisified and start looking for satisfaction from a side-business. Be faithful.

You can register right now by visiting the ReadyToWork website.