Best 10 HerBusiness articles of the last twelve months

Having reached the halfway stage to a thousand articles, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best HerBusiness articles since you nominated us for the BAKE Awards in 2016. They are not ranked.

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Poor excuses women give not to start a business

“Entrepreneurship is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The “overnight success” and the unbelievably profitable businesses you read about are not what they seem. Your focus should be on the opportunity that draws you to entrepreneurship in the first place. If you prove your business idea to be viable, through research, then you will make a living out of it.”

Unique reasons why Kenyan women make great entrepreneurs

“Different research projects have found that Kenyan women entrepreneurs are selfless business persons. They usually direct their incomes to their families. Unfortunately, this can be a dilemma for small businesses as they have to choose whether to reinvest back and grow the business or take care of their families.”

5 reasons women entrepreneurs in Kenya find it difficult to get credit

“the lending process for women is complicated and the chances of obtaining loans are also low. This is because some of them do not understand the process of borrowing and what is required of them to attain loans.”

Key financial ratios every business woman should know

“Many women running small businesses in Kenya never bother to track working capital until it’s too late. Having money to operate on every workday is the most important thing for a businesses. You can track your business’ ability to meet short term obligation, monthly or annually, using the current ratio”

How to look good on a budget

“If you tend to keep up with the Joneses while starting up, you will lose focus of your business goal. Instead of having money that runs the business, you will always want to spend that money on the latest fashion trend. The sad bit is that trends come and go, but that money you spent only goes.”

6 reasons to be okay with your small business

“The Supermarket cashier will never scratch that Bamba 50 for you. Small businesses have fewer clients thus they take greater interest in meeting their expectations.”

Public sources of funding for Kenyan entrepreneurs

“Women Enterprise Fund not only offers credit to women entrepreneurs but also markets goods and services produced by them. Keeping in line with the social motivation of these government funds; it aims to make women financially independent.”

Women’s representation in high-level corporate leadership critical

“unleashing the full potential of women and girls by empowering them to be equal members of society has a multiplier effect on families, businesses, communities, and nations and is essential to achieving sustainable development.”

Key lessons Kenyan entrepreneurs can learn from Sportpesa

“Customer service is the best way to keep customers loyal. The betting firm has invested in ensuring seamless communication between itself and its customers. It is said that its call center is more responsive than the mobile network operators. You should always try and go beyond the utility of what you’re selling in satisfying your customers.”

Want to trade Globally? Learn from Kezi Mukiri

“My advice to women who want to trade globally is three fold:..increase your capacity by investing in personal & organizational development. Enhance your individual skills and increase the capacity of your enterprise by developing systems and processes that ensure quality delivery. There are currently a lot of capacity development programs and training opportunities available for women entrepreneurs.  Seek to Remember: The world buys quality not gender.”

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